Warren Louw

Warren Louw

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First Name * Warren
Last Name * Louw
Username * WarrenLouw
Country * South Africa
City Johannesburg
Languages English



Availability: Freelance
Website warrenlouw.deviantart.com/
Twitter @artofwarrenlouw


Warren Louw is a freelance illustrator and character designer. He is one of the most celebrated artists from South Africa who is self taught and works primarily in digital media. His ability to create images with meticulous detail and imagination has brought his illustration to various mobile games, publications, advertisements and websites across the globe.

Well recognized for his mastery of his renditions of beautiful woman and a perfectionist in his digital illustrations, his work has been featured in print publications such as ImagineFX Magazine, various UDON Entertainment Capcom tribute art books, Ballistic Publishing’s Exotique, Photoshop Essentials, as well as the covers for UDON’s Darkstalkers graphic novel and DC Comic's Power Girl. He has also done conceptual work for Longship Armoury, Phoenix Age Gaming and Bandai Namco.



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